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FSAOHN Call for Award Nominations 2020!

Posted 20 days ago

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FSAOHN Nominations
Deadline Approaching
With the outbreak of COVID-19, we as a community of healthcare workers have had to band together, improvise, collaborate and innovate.  Now is the perfect opportunity to honor a coworker, employer, provider or volunteer that has shown exceptional contributions to the field of occupational health.  


Submit award nominations by July 1st, 2020 for outstanding members of FSAOHN. FSAOHN grants awards in a variety of categories including: 

PROVIDER OF THE YEAR Do you know a provider that has distinguished him/herself in the broad field of occupational and environmental health and hygiene?  A provider can be a single person, a group or a company who has provided outstanding services to Florida occupational health nurses.

 EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR -Does your employer support occupational nurses in an exceptional way?? Nominations for this award can be employers that provide programs, resources or support to the occupational nursing field in a variety of ways. 

MEDIQUE AWARD - Do  you know an occupational health nurse who has exhibited leadership and participation in the Florida State Association of Occupational Health Nurses and in other professional activities? This award recognizes leadership, leadership development, and education efforts that increase awareness of the role of occupational health nurse to employers and the community.
NURSE OF THE YEAR - Do you know a nurse that has mad outstanding achievements or contributions in occupational and environmental health or in educational programs that promote occupational health nursing? 

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR - Do you know someone that has made outstanding achievements or contributions in advancing the health and well-being of the community members through volunteer efforts?

SALLY SWEET BEST PRACTICE AWARD - Do you know someone who has demonstrated a "best practice" in advancing the field of occupational health by developing, initiating, and documenting a unique and outstanding program? 
RETIREE OF THE YEAR - Do you know an Affiliate or Retiree member who continue to encourage involvement in FSAOHN.  They go above and beyond to promote the field of Occupational Health?


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